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The Purity of Islamic Gardens

Our new Botanical Collection was inspired by a multitude of reasons - most importantly Aab’s passion, love and admiration for nature and gardens. Within Islam, gardens play a distinct role, providing unmatched earthly symbolism of balance, beauty and sophistication, reflected through the new collection.

Islamic gardens have played a pivotal role throughout history, often intended to mirror the beauty of paradise, jannaatal-firdaws, through an unparalleled sensory experience and inward feelings of serenity, contemplation and meditation. The richly symbolic Islamic garden is among the many beauties of God’s creation, representing a proximity and closeness to the Creator through balance and harmony of nature.

There’s beauty in the detail.

Aesthetic qualities have always found their place within both gardens and Islam; beauty is not a luxury, but a goal. Geometrical designs, areas of shade, calming water and aromatic flowers within gardens enhance and ornament the landscape, providing surreal respite, decoration and coolness to the eye. These features provide a palpable expression of beauty and charm, representing the ideal environment for humans to exist in tranquility with the intricacies of nature.

There’s harmony in diversity, unity and individualism.

Gardens symbolise an ideal environment of survival, co-existence and interplay between tangible and symbolic elements, the balance of man with nature and himself. While each part of creation holds meaning, responsibility and duty, there is room for individualism and character. From the trickling water feature, the flowering rose or the bee floating amongst the plants; each component constitutes a piece of the bigger picture of life. There is a peaceful symphony in balance and coexistence, just as there is a natural synergy in diversity.

There’s grace in restoration and conservation.

In recent years, due to rapid population growth, urbanisation and high levels of demographic change, the heritage spaces of Islamic gardens have declined. In an effort of revival and recreation, Aab extends a fashion and sustainably-conscious hand to rekindle and restore the importance of the earthly garden through the Botanical Collection.

Through intricate details, a colourful palette and undeniable ease of wear, the Botanical Collection stimulates the mind and senses, just as one’s experience with a garden. Graceful beauty, elegant poise and exquisite harmony reigns over both.

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